July 3D Lab Update

Slicer Updates

The default slicing software we are recommending you use has been updated from Slic3r PE to PrusaSlicer. Do not worry about learning too much new, though. PrusaSlicer is just the next edition of Slic3r PE, it just was a large update and came with a name change.

The lab computer has been updated so PrusaSlicer is now the application with shortcuts on the taskbar and it is the default application to open STL files now. I have also moved over all the profiles but should you absolutely need to use the older Slic3r PE it is still on there for the moment.

Slicing Profile Updates

We have been having some confusion about what profiles to select when since it was set up that the Prusa printer was “system default” which was good for getting profile updates from Prusa but it was confusing and inconsistent for the lab process.

I have now set up all the printers to use the same format so the process is:

  1. Select your printer
    1. This is the bottom drop down on the right hand side of PrusaSlicer, the same place as it was in Slic3r PE. Pick the printer you are going to use and note the abbreviation in the parenthesis at the beginning of the printer name, that will be at the beginning of the print profile names meant for that printer.
  2. Select your print profile
    1. This is the top drop down just like in Slic3r PE. Select a print profile that matches the printer and filament type you are using. This is REALLYimportant. The print profile has a lot of fine tuned settings for the specific printer and you are not going to get the results you expect if you use a profile for a different printer than the one you are using.
  3. Select your filament profile
    1. This is the middle drop down, just like in Slic3r PE. Just select the filament you are using. If there is not one for your filament you can make one. Your spool should have some reccomendations on settings  for you to use. Always remember that a good place to start with a filament is right in the middle of the ranges that the manufacturer suggests.

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