A Thin Grey Line

A Thin Grey Line

Attendance at the TCMaker Clothesline and Halloween Costume Contest was pretty light, but we had a good time nonetheless.  The were four total entries in the clothesline race, two racers that had been built ahead of time, one was built from scratch on site out of LEGO and one that wasn’t quite done but made an attempt at running.

Nobody fully completed the course out and back, although Michael and John came very close with similar solutions at opposite ends of the complexity spectrum.  Scott’s racer made it down the cable one way and then failed catastrophically upon contact with the end plate.  It was difficult to judge an actual winner of the contest because a number of factors, so it was decided to reward all participants for making the effort. Prizes were distributed from the box of swag that Mike received from Make: Magazine.

Clothesline Racers

At the very least by the end of the day we were all pretty excited about the concept and started to brainstorm about some fun ideas for future racers.

There were no entrants in the costume contest although as you can see from the group picture above there was a certain level of personal style from some participants that may have qualified.

Please visit the TCMaker flickr pool for more images from the gathering.  Mike has also now uploaded some pictures and video to our new Picasa public gallery.

Thanks to John for the venue, Jude for setup, Michael for the fun idea and to everyone that brought chow.

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  1. The shots in the Flickr Pool are pretty neat, thanks for sharing. Did anybody shoot video of the little things?

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