New Recruit Bounty and Dues Announcement

We are pleased to announce a new membership bounty.  Long story short, if you, an existing member, bring in a new body and they become a dues paying member, you can earn up to a free month’s membership.

The skinny on new recruits.  If you’ve been a member for over a month, a new member can mention your name when they join as their referrer.  You will then gain a discount of 10% of their dues as a discount off your next month’s membership, and this will continue for up to 10 months from their join date, if they remain a dues paying member.  If you bring in enough new blood, you can conceivably earn ongoing free membership.  (No, you can’t get cash back, but we might name a lathe after you.)

We’re also formally announcing a slightly revised dues schedule.  We’ve been running a student and unemployed discount for a few months, but had neglected to formally announce them.  Registered students and folks on unemployment can get a membership for $25 per month (with the usual space deposit).  Members can also sponsor a guest for $10 for a 48 hour pass.

Details for all of this are spelled out in our shiny updated “Dues schedule

If you haven’t been by the space in a while, you should pop in for a Wednesday Open House, take a gander at some of the CNC toys, the welding shop and wood shop that are all available for member use (some training required for certain tools)

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