TCMaker Clothes lines racer 2010 Updates & Reg

Clothesline Race

It’s fast approaching, and wow did we get some prizes. Make has generously donated several swanky prizes as have Bill Gurstelle and a few members. We’ve also raided our swag supplies, and as an incentive, the first 15 people to register a racer will get a t-shirt, or a back issue of Make Magazine, (their choice) and the first 6 folks will get a bonus surprise on top of that. Winners in each category will get a prize from the “big box of better prizes” the value of which start off at $25 and go up to almost $100 retail.

Full rules and info can be found on our prior post, several of last years contestants got a working (OK, “mostly” working) racer up in just a few hours of work, so you’ve still got plenty of time to build a racer and register.

Entry fee is $10 per racer, each person can field as many racers as they like, but they only get one registration goodie total, although they might be able to swing prizes in different categories.

If by some fluke everyone’s racer is whisper quiet, or none of them fail impressively the judges may choose to not award one or more of the vanity prizes, but we’d sure like to.
Clothesline Race
If you really don’t have time to make a racer, you’re still welcome to come to the event, as are friends and family. We’re aiming for pot luck, so unless you want soda from the fridge or chips from the vending machine, something to share would be appreciated, but isn’t at all mandatory.

Visit to register either as a racer or just a general viewer.

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  1. Hate to be a crabass, but why isn’t the line up? I’d like to work on my racer but it’s hard to see if it works without a line.

  2. The blog post could’ve included the start time, but for those who who haven’t seen the eventbrite page, it starts at 1 PM.

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