Polls closing!

Just over a month ago we launched our first big polling of our members to sort out how folks are using our facility and what they want out of their makerspace.    The possibilities for change in the new lease means that it’s all the more important that we know what you think, and we don’t want to exclude the half of our members who haven’t yet answered .  To try to gain as much insight into our membership as possible, we’re going to keep the polls open through Saturday of this week.   This will provide enough time to have detailed analysis to the membership in time to work on the space planning as we expand.

These polls aren’t compulsory, but we’re hoping that you’ll fill them out so that we have better tools to help make our community space more of what each of you need it to be.

We’ve got (3) polls, (2) for members, and (1) for non-members.    The polls will be close Saturday May 14th at midnight, and we won’t ever release any personally identifiable information.  (e.g. We will show “x% of our members use $tool weekly”, but not “1 member from $town wants $tool”)

The Members Use and Access Poll and Members Info Update Form are for current members (or those who have lapsed, but intend to restart their membership in the near future).

The Non-Members Poll is for folks who are not current members of Twin Cities Maker.  This is mostly targeted at folks located in and around the greater  Twin Cities metropolitan area, but if you’re farther afield we’re still interested in your answers.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your interests.




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