Twin Cities Maker Covid Mask Updates

Hello TC Makers,

The Board would like to first and foremost thank you for giving us the time and your  input as we try and thoughtfully move to a more open maker space.  The survey results, comments, and conversations we have had with you over the past few weeks reflect the polarization seen in the wider community over COVID-19 prevention and vaccination.  Based on your feedback on June 20th 2021 we will move to align more closely with current CDC guidelines:

  • Vaccinated persons do not need to wear a mask ( but we would appreciate it if you would).
  • Non-vaccinated DO need to wear a mask ( and we appreciate you doing so).
  • If a fellow member asks that masks be worn while working in a shared space please do so ( this falls under our core shared value , the  rule of simply being excellent to each other).

There will be more movement to open TC Maker up in July and August as we work with the area managers to re-assess capacity limits and update the scheduling system in Clubhouse.  What won’t be changing anytime in the near future are our fellow TC Makers that are immunocompromised or unvaccinated.  As vaccination rates have soared in Minnesota leading to decreases in COVID-19 infection and mortality, what is being overlooked is a surge in cases amongst the unvaccinated and immunocompromised (Business Insider article).  In fact, the infection and mortality rates in the unvaccinated are as bad as it was in December 2020 and the emergence of new variants, such as Delta, merit continued concern (CDC surveillance program).

If you are immunocompromised, unvaccinated, or have any concerns related to safety and accessibility please contact the board to discuss your specific situation by emailing the board.  We’re actively exploring how to make our space more accessible to all members and it would be helpful to  learn more about individual situations and requirements as the Boards conversation progresses.

Again, thank you for your continued input and we look forward to seeing everyone in TC Maker in the near future.


TC Maker Board

Thunder Laser USA – Nova 51

Long overdue…Highly anticipated…Possibly the worst kept secret…Biggest investment to date…

Thunder Laser USA – Nova 51

  • 100w Laser
  • 55” X 40” work area
  • LightBurn Software
  • Red Dot Pointer, for ‘dry run’
  • Auto-Focus
  • Optimized raster, vector, or combined modes
  • Up to 800dpi with HR Head
  • Roller Rotary (for cylindrical objects)

The Nova 51 was selected from three options presented to the Board by the Laser Shop to increase capacity, expand capabilities and decrease maintenance time.  Thunder laser systems have a reputation for being dependable mid-range laser cutters that can stand a lot of abuse and are backed up by excellent customer support from Thunder, USA.  The order is being finalized and we expect delivery in 3-5 months.

The addition of the Nova 51 to TC Maker will necessitate a few changes as it is too large for the existing laser room.  The space committee has proposed that the current classroom be subdivided into a small kitchenette, electronics workspace, multipurpose room, and much larger Laser Room.  This is where the Board would like your input and help.  If you have any suggestions on what the space should look like or want to help with the build out please feel free to contact us at

Also, with the rapidly rising cost of construction materials, lumber is up 188%, the Laser Shop has started a GoFundMe page to help offset some of these higher than anticipated costs.  Our community needs your help to support making this area of Twin Cities Maker a better place to make, share, & learn. Please help by giving financially, volunteering for the build, or just cheering our team along.

If you are able to give financially please use the following link:

TC Maker Laser GoFundMe

Stay tuned for more updates on the Nova 51 and shop improvements.  The Board and our dedicated shop managers and volunteers have lots in plan for 2021 as we slowly re-open and can come together again as a maker community.



TC Maker Board

Annual Meeting Oct 3 @1pm

Annual Membership Meeting On ZOOM: Saturday, October 3

We’ve scheduled our annual meeting for Saturday 10/3, starting at 1:00pm .

To keep everyone safe we will be holding the meeting and election remotely. You be able to attend the annual meeting via Zoom, look for more meeting information to come.

We’ll go over the previous year’s financial s and major happenings, and talk about future plans. We’ll also be voting for two Governing Board seats that are up for reelection this year. There will be more information coming out as we get closer to the meeting date.

Which brings up a couple of sub-points:

Nominations for board positions are open

Have a member you think would be an excellent leader for out organization and want to nominate for the Twin Cities Maker 2020 Election? Please do email

Eligibility Requirements: Any member in good standing and 18 years of age or older may be nominated to the Board.

The board terms are for 3 years and will expire in 2023.
Please review the Board Position and Expectations and Code of Conduct before making a nomination.

Want to know what a board meeting is like? All of our meetings are open to members! The next board meeting is Tuesday 9/8, starting at 6pm here: .

The meeting agenda is also open

Got something you’d like to discuss at the Annual Meeting? Let the Board know that too! We need to get the agenda at least mostly set by Friday 9/25, so please submit your items before then. There will still be the chance to bring things up at the meeting, but 9/25 is the last day we can get it onto the agenda that will be sent to all members. (Why do we send it out to all members? We want members to be involved and state law says we have to!)

Want to get Involved another way? We have open shop positions that need Leaders to fill them.

These positions are an excellent way to make a positive impact on the Twin City Maker community, the lives of others in it, and those who are touched by it’s impact.

Shop General Manager

Facilities Manager

Logistics Coordinator

Robotics Team Coordinator

Marketing Team Volunteers

Position details and responsibilities can be found on our wiki here:



Classroom update

Classroom is mostly finished and functional. The projector works for video, but no sound yet. The printer and SEM haven’t been hooked up yet. Please be patient during this remodel as we make improvements to the functionality of the space. Short term annoyances (like sound or printer) will eventually translate to long term benefits.

If you are interested in helping (like running ethernet above the ceiling), email

Also, please do not hang things on the freshly painted walls. There is a plan.

Grilling! With food! Wednesday night!

They said it couldn’t be done. They said we were foolish to try. But Grillchefmeister Michael is planning on doing what doubters said couldn’t, nay, shouldn’t be done! Grill outside in the lovely fall weather we’re currently experiencing. So come early, come often to the Open House Wednesday night, and experience the Thrill of the Grill when you can actually use some nice hot food.

(If it may seem wrong to grill without mosquitoes, we regret to tell you you’ll need to bring your own.  But we’d prefer you didn’t.)


Quarterly Cleanup 8/3/2018 Member Storage Closing for Move (EVERTHING must go)

Member storage will be closing for the department move. EVERYTHING must be removed and taken home, so member storage can be moved to the new location.


Many of you have things stored in member storage please don’t allow them to become victims of the storage purge of 2018.

(The Dumpsters are coming, the dumpsters are coming!!! Grab your projects and Run!!)

Please don’t traumatize our storage manager by making him throw out your awesome projects. (Seriously there will be tears if we have to throw out some of the beautiful projects in storage so we can move things.)

Thanks for your understanding and your help clearing out member storage,


Shop Management


Snow Emergency parking info

We’ve suddenly discovered snow, and that means Minneapolis has declared a Snow Emergency. So you should be aware of where you can park around the shop. Getting your car towed is definitely not fun (trust me on this!). Here’s the rules for the next couple of days:

The parking lots: Don’t use the parking lots until they’ve been plowed out!

Day 1: Tonight (Mon 1/22), starting at 9pm
You can park on either side of both streets, 26th St. and 32nd Ave. We’re not on a snow emergency route.

Day 2: Tuesday 1/23, 8am to 8pm
Park on the south side of 26th St. (our side of the street), or the east side of 32nd Ave (across from the building).

Day 3: Wednesday 1/24, 8am to 8pm
Park on the north side of 26th St. (across the street), or the west side of 32nd Ave (next to the building).

Here’s a map to help you visualize this, courtesy of the City of Minneapolis.

Shiny new storage*, shiny new storage rules

Update 2/6/2017: Storage rules are now available in the wiki. The links below have been changed to point there.

Hnewstorageuge massive thanks to everyone who showed up today to help clean out the member storage area! It hasn’t been this clean since we built the room (and I’m not sure it was this clean even then). Shelves have been rearranged, and we actually gained some extra storage space thanks to the discovery of some unused shelving pieces.

There were enough people at cleanup that we were also able to get a lot of work done in the wood shop and metal shop, so double thanks to everyone!

The member storage area is now open for you to start bringing your tubs and projects back in. We’ve got new rules in place, so here are the highlights:

  • Tubs need to be no larger than 29in x 27in x 19in. This is actually just a little bit larger than our previous loose guidelines, so check your tub. My old tub fits quite comfortably inside the new dimensions.
  • There’s no storage allowed in the aisles between the shelves. Anything found in the aisles can be tossed out at the discretion of the storage managers, so please don’t put stuff there!
  • You also can’t store anything in front of the door to the electrical room, or in the space for the door to be swung open. This area has been striped in red, you can’t miss it. There is no parking in the red zone!
  • Open floor space right now (that isn’t a red zone or an aisle) is available for projects. Remember to place a fully filled out parking permit on anything you place in member storage. Anything without a parking permit will get red-ticketed; red-ticket items will get thrown out after two weeks.

The new storage rules are available on the wiki. If you’ve got any questions, concerns, or comments on these new rules, please contact storage management at storage (at)

Again, thanks to everyone who helped out today!

* OK, so it’s the same old member storage area. Sure looks new though!

TC Maker Andrey Rudenko 3D Printing Villas in Philippines

DSCN9799You may have seen Andrey Rudenko last winter at the Hack Factory, tirelessly working away on his second concrete 3D printer. Finally when it was completed in the spring with most of the features worked out, he had the opportunity to travel and team up with entrepreneur in Philippines to actually 3D print a large concrete villa. Andrey flew over with a suitcase full of tools and some essential electronics to drive the printer, but the rest things like motors, metal, sand, MANILA FUN MOTORCYCLE CARTwiring, etc had to all be sourced locally and that wasn’t the hard part. Getting it back to the job site was a challenge because there are basically only two modes of transportation on the island.

They also had to build a giant tent to house the printer during the printing because it rains all the time.

Fellow TC Makers helped out with laser cutting at the Hack Factory and putting together Audrey’s extruder controller, which uses the Digit Shield from nootropic design.

In the end it printed and wow it looks great! Further readings here and here.







SPRING CLEANING (Quarterly Cleanup)

As a reminder, quarterly clean-up is happening this Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 10AM to 6PM. THE SHOP WILL BE CLOSED.

We are going to take the momentum we started with metal shop love day and start running with it.

During Quarterly Clean-up we are going to be doing some massive purging and hitting up storage (and items that are inappropriately stored in the rest of the shop) really hard. This is just like spring cleaning your house. It is an opportunity for us to get any defunct projects, non-project items, and other junk out of the shop. We need to get rid of clutter in order to have the space that is needed for a functioning shop.

1) If the items are not an ACTIVE PROJECT, then it needs to go home.

2) Anything you keep at the shop must be PROPERLY LABELED and PROPERLY STORED IN THE PROJECT STORAGE AREA unless you explicitly have permission from shop management to store the item elsewhere. It must still be properly labeled.

3) Any non-project or out of date items found anywhere in the shop, will be disposed of (tossed in the dumpster). We are not a storage facility. You are not renting space to store your personal items, materials for “someday” projects, or “cool things you once made”.

As a reminder, the list above essentially constitutes our general storage policy. The policy in its entirety is found here.