Introduction to Bow Making Class

Introduction to Bow Making

shooting an american flat bow
learn how to make a fully functional american flat bow!

The fee will be $60, $45 for the class itself and $15 for materials and the tools, both of which the student will keep at the end of the class. (the tools and materials, not the money.)

This class will be open to 8 students.

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The class is going to cover the following:

a brief history of bows and archery in warfare and other uses

a brief survey of the types of traditional bows

a brief history of the English longbow, it’s design, and construction

the American Flatbow, it’s origin and design (This is the type of bow that participants will be making)

A description of the types of design variations and additions that can improve the look and performance of an american flatbow, but that will not be taught as part of this introductory class

Types of wood used for wood bows, and their characteristics

The plusses and minuses of red oak, which will be the wood used for this class

Tools used for bowmaking, including hand tools and power tools

How to execute the design and construction of a red oak american flat bow using the described tools, materials and design.

A brief description of what archery “tackle”, or gear, is needed to actually use a bow, including bow strings, arrows, forearm protection (vambraces), finger protection (archery tabs or shooting gloves), quivers, and bow cases.

The class will take place over the course of 6 hours.

Each participant will be provided with all the materials and tools needed to make this bow.

The materials will include exactly one red oak board per student, of dimensions 1.5″ by .75″ by 6′, selected by me.

It is my plan for each student to end the class by leaving with a fully functional bow.

Due to the fact that the students will be making the bow, and that wood under tension sometimes breaks, I can make no guarantee that this will be the case, but I will do my best as time, money, and materials allow.

The class will cover making this bow both with and without the use of power tools. The use of power tools will be optional for each student, with the caveat that while it’s very easy to make a bow fast with power tools, it’s also very easy to wreck one fast too.

Once the bow itself is completed, you will need at least a bow string and arrows to use it, at the barest minimum.

I might be teaching a class on arrow making, or “fletching”, down the road, but that’s a different kettle of fish.

Arrows can be bought locally, and I’ll be providing information on that.

Strings can also be bought locally, but I will offer finished bowstrings as an option, seperate from the class, at a cost of $10, made by me.

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