April Board Meeting — We’re Going Virtual

Tonight’s board meeting (04/14) will be held virtually via google hangouts. The link is up on the calendar.

If you decide to join us, please adhere to the following:

1) Please keep your mic muted unless actually talking. This minimises background noise that makes it hard to hear.

2) Roll call will be taken at 1900. If your login does not match your name in some easy to identify way, please let us know which login you match up with.  🙂

3) If you have a question or the board has solicited opinions and you’d like to contribute, please type two asterisks (**) and then your question / “hand raise” in the chat window. Please wait to be acknowledged before unmuting/talking. I haven’t tested how it works with calling in on the phone number and having chat window open.

4) Please be patient with us. This is our first fully virtual board meeting on google hangouts.


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