Updates on shop closure and limited purpose opening

The board had a lot to discuss last night about the current shop closure and what might be possible in terms of reopening. Here’s what you should know:

Materials Pickup: We’re offering another opportunity for people to come in for the limited purpose of picking up materials. Once again there is a sign-up sheet, which you can find here: PickUpSchedule. Our woodshop manager, Jon, has agreed to be present at these times to facilitate material/project retrieval to save us from having to turn keys on and off. This schedule is for April 16-18.

Limited Purpose Access: Twin Cities Maker will also be allowing limited purpose access to the shop for PPE production (masks, face shields, etc). These efforts are being coordinated to limit the number of people in the shop. Right now, Joseph is spearheading the effort to 3D print face shields for medical staff. To join the effort, email 3D@tcmaker.com. We will also allow access to individuals who want to use sewing for masks; however, it will need someone to coordinate the project. If you are interested, email Jamie at artifactory@tcmaker.org.

Reopening: As it stands right now, earliest we will be able to reopen the shop is May 4th due to the shelter-in-place order. Our goal is to reopen the shop to members when this order is lifted, so an actual date is very dependant on whether the governor extends this order again. Whenever we reopen, it is likely that we will initially not have public events. The other factor in whether we are able to open the shop to members is availability of PPE and cleaning supplies. Twin Cities Maker made the decision to donate most of our masks and gloves to hospitals when we closed the shop. Before we reopen, we’re hoping that we will be able to source the proper protective equipment for our normal shop hazards (skin and respiratory irritants like glue, dust, etc).

Cleaning Protocols: When the shop is reopened, there will be some additional cleaning protocols in place that we will need our members to abide by.  All equipment will need to be cleaned after each person uses it to limit the potential spread of coronavirus. Because different types of equipment require different chemicals for cleaning, we’re developing a universal sign to accompany tools that will tell you what sort of cleaner to use. This will ensure that while we maintain a more sanitary work environment we are not damaging our equipment.

Finally, I want to once again thank everyone who has continued their membership despite the unavailability of a physical shop. Your support is ensuring that Twin Cities Maker will survive this pandemic and still have an amazing facility to work in.

Stay safe out there.

-President Becca




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