The Lab for Humanistic Fabrication: Another Maker Shop Variation

The Hacking and Humanist Fabrication Wiki

I am not completely sure exactly what the Lab for Humanistic Fabrication is but is seems like another version of a maker shop. Here is some of the equipment they have as of December 2008.

  • Sherline 2010 8-axis CNC mill
  • Sherline 4410 CNC lathe
  • NextEngine 3D laser scanner
  • Modela MDX-20 CNC mill
  • Copam 24″ vinyl cutter
  • Drill presses (8″ and micro)
  • Precision measuring instruments
  • Workstation running SolidWorks
  • Tablet computers and PDAs
  • Weller soldering stations
  • Dremel rotary tools
  • Video / digital cameras
  • Arduino
  • Phidgets
  • XBee

More information in available on their Fabrication Wiki.

It appears that the lab has some association with The University of Western Ontario in Canada.

Also from the site:

“This three-day workshop (Toronto, May 2009) will explore the theme of E-waste and environmental data. Working in small groups, participants will be given the task of hacking some typical consumer e-waste to create reflective technological assemblages that incorporate ‘nature’ in some form while calling one or more of our basic assumptions into question. To keep the workshop manageable, participation will be by invitation only—but we’d like the right people to be in the room. If you really want to be there, please e-mail one or both of us and let us know.”

I don’t think this lab is open to the public just students in university or people enrolled in workshops.

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