TC Maker Potluck on August 1, 2009


UPDATE AS OF JULY 16: The Twin Cities Maker potluck will be at Lakeland Park in Brooklyn Park. We have a site reserved from noon until 8 PM. Please use the forum link below to RSVP with what you’re bringing and for further updates.

At the last meeting, we agreed to have our potluck on Aug 1 (Saturday) at 2 p.m. It’s bring your own meat (or whatever main course you wish to have), plus one item to share.

We are in need of a venue; if you are willing to host possibly up to or more than 50 people at your home (in your backyard, most likely), please let us know. Otherwise, I am looking into Minneapolis city parks as a possibility.

Finally, I’m asking everyone to RSVP in a reply to THIS POST with the number of attendees and the dish you’re planning to bring. As replies come up, I (or another admin) will concatenate a summary.

Mike H.
President, Twin Cities Maker

One thought on “TC Maker Potluck on August 1, 2009

  1. Sounds like fun! I will be there with my guy, Andy Grund. We will bring a protein-based salad (like a chickpea salad or bean salad) for people who don’t eat meat (or, um, like chickpea or bean salad).

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