A TC Maker’s Sea Cow Brings Smiles at Milk Carton Boat Races

Today at Lake Calhoun “Bessie the Sea Cow” left a wake of giddy smiles at the famous Minneapolis Aquatennial Milk Carton Boat Races.

Bessie was built by a Twin Cities Maker (“Judeling” on the TCMaker.org forum) over a three week period in his spare time. She was a marvelously unique creature with kick paddle propulsion and a long tail for steering. Her body was sculpted from chicken wire and covered with scalloped scales cut from white one gallon milk cartons.

Though Bessie finished last in her race, moving at a Sea Cow’s pace, she did complete the course! During her run she ran into a mass of weeds, bringing her to a prolonged standstill. She overcame her grazing temptations though and paddled on to greatness.

Alas, Bessie met her end in the belly of a larger beast, a city garbage truck. She was decapitated before her demise, however, and her memories live on!

See more photos of the Milk Carton Boat Races at the Aquatennial’s Photo Gallery and read more about the Bessie project in our forum post.

2 thoughts on “A TC Maker’s Sea Cow Brings Smiles at Milk Carton Boat Races

  1. “The Saga of Bessie’s Head” was shortlived: unnerved by the disposal of the rest of her body, she became unglued at the seams and lost her head as well.

    Bessie’s been invited back next year, perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see “Bessie II: The Resurrection.”

  2. Bessie will live in plasticy…LOL to sink or not to sink….that is the question a milk carton racers ask..and the get wet. This was a great float (or not so float)…:)

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