TC Maker Logo, Octahedronized [Updated 8-7-09]

Here’s a papercraft project to create a truncated octahedron with the TC Maker logo.

I’ve made a front print pattern and also a back shape pattern for a cardboard backing.

A basic way to build a model is:
1) Print the shape (back) pattern. With weak glue or tape, afix the pattern to cereal box or similar cardboard. Using a scissors or a utility knife, cut around the pattern. Remove the pattern sheet then score the cardboard where there will be folds.
2) Print the logo (front) pattern on thin white or colored paper. Position and glue it to the cardboard pattern, opposite the scored side. Trim the excess paper.
3) Fold the cardboard along the tab seams and glue tabs to assemble the model.

Have fun!


5 thoughts on “TC Maker Logo, Octahedronized [Updated 8-7-09]

  1. further review, this totally won’t work… actually I stand corrected, upon further review this will make a polyhedron, but not what I was thinking you were trying to make. some tabs would make this design much more easy to fabricate.

    Thank you google:

    (on a side note, I wonder if the internet will ever become smart enough to auto truncate long links…maybe not.


  2. Hi Paul, thanks for the comment!

    You found the template that I wasn’t able to locate. I’ll repost the design then with the tabbed template.

    Until I read further, I was surprised when you said it wouldn’t work, because I actually made two of these! Out of plain paper and tape though. The objects obviously were flimsy and not suitable to photograph, but they showed that the concept worked.

    About the truncation, for those who are wondering: this is where parts of the full octahedron were chopped off. In this model, the square faces are where the (irregular) octahedrons on all sides would’ve extended beyond the surface, making pyramidal points.

    I’m thinking also that the model with so many logos actually looks a bit boring. Maybe I’ll do something more interesting with the design.

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