Maker Minne-Faire Update! Feb. 13, 2010@Hack Factory

Just a reminder, and in case you didn’t know about it, we’re doing a Maker Minne-Faire at the Hack Factory on February 13th, 2010 from 2 PM – 11 PM.

We have a really good line up of makers and will have a music performance by Tim Kaiser starting after 8pm. Tim does some really cool ambient music and makes all of his instruments. Another published and active maker, William Gurstelle is going to be demoing some of the projects that he has created for Make: Magazine.

This event is free for all and kids are welcome! We will however be accepting donations and memberships to help our cause.

TC Maker is a not for profit with non-profit (5013c) paper work underway. Our goal is to provide services for local makers, and enrich both the community and people by proving a space for people to play, make, and share ideas.

There will also be upcoming classes for things like Arduino, welding (MIG/GMAW), wood working, etc.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Here is a video from a visit to Tim Kaiser’s workshop up in Duluth via Make: TV; William Gurstelle is part of the Make: TV crew.

-David (Aka, VideoMan)

4 thoughts on “Maker Minne-Faire Update! Feb. 13, 2010@Hack Factory

  1. I’m intersted in woodwork for anyone who wants to post such a moment of opportunity. See you Saturday!

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