Handmade Music: Minneapolis #1 – Report

What a great night! Our first Handmade Music was a big success, lots of people showed up and got to show off and learn a bit more about sound. The night was mostly just a free for all with no direction or organization, it was awesome, none-the-less we had a great response and some terrific enthusiasm.

A few people brought things to show off or play. It was a pretty diverse collection:

– Cigar Box Guitar
– PICaxe-based Synth
– Mini-theremin kit
– Synth chip and MIDI file playback.
– Drum Pad Game Controller
– MIDI drum pad and ChucK apps
– PAiA Theremin, KAOSS Pad, Drone Lab, Supercollider Apps, MFOS Weird Sound Generator
– 555 Throwies, Arduino Synth, Thingamagoop, Assorted contact mics

I didn’t take a head count or record attendees (live and learn) but I think we probably approached around 30 people total throughout the night.

Here are some pictures from the event.

And here are some of the ambient sounds of Handmade Music.


The next event will be on March 25th, 7:00 to whenever again at The Hack Factory, please bring things to share with the group. More information on that night and future nights can be found at Handmade Music Minneapolis Page on TCMaker’s Wiki.

http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=9863791&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=ff0048&fullscreen=1Short demo of the Paia Thermax at The Hack Factory in Minneapolis.

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