MPR NewsQ: DIY for Lifestyle and Livelihood

Today, Minnesota Public Radio News broadcast a show “DIY for Lifestyle and Livelihood” on their midmorning segment.

Guests were Mark Frauenfelder, editor of Make: Magazine and author of “Make by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World,” and Eric Wilhelm, CEO of The show considered common questions on what the DIY craze is all about.

Mark and Eric emphasized the importance of starting a DIY project without fear of making mistakes, since we tend to learn unexpected things by making mistakes and actually learn better by working through our mistakes.

The guests also discussed the rewards of doing things yourself, the challenges of including DIY activity in daily life, the  meaning of “hacking,” income possibilities, and reasons for the DIY movement.

During the show, TC Maker President Mike H. successfully called in and suggested the Hack Factory and TC Maker as a place where people can take DIY knowledge from the Internet into the community and real world personal experience.

At the time of this writing, the archived show can be accessed and heard on the Minnesota Public Radio website at:

This was a very good show on the topic. There’s no telling how long the show will remain posted, so I’d advise to listen as soon as possible!

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