A Japanese Style Lamp

Many of you have been curious about the Japanese lamp I have been making over the past few week so I figured I would post a few pictures of the finished project.  I went in to the hack factory today and finished the final piece, the brace that would hold the candle, which in my case is a very realistic looking – battery operated candle.

There are three basic parts to the lamp.  The inner frames, the outer legs, and the top.  The frames are made from 1/2 inch maple, with simple lap joints to interconnect all the frames. There are a total of 4 inner frames and each frame is connected to the other frame at 90 degrees with another lap joint.


Once I had the inner frames done and covered with paper on the inside, it was time to make the outer legs. I made 4, roughly 1″ square outer legs that support the inner frames again using lap joints.  There are small dados in each of the legs that the inner frame mates to.

Not exactly sure what wood I used on the outer legs or the top piece but its basically just a square frame of 1″ x 9″ hard wood with 45 degree miters on each end.  Once glued up, I did a simple round-over using our router.  I spent several days sanding and rubbing on 3 coats of tung oil.

If anyone is interested in making one, let me know and I’ll loan you the book.















P1020691 (1).jpg










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  1. Awesome, I think it would take more than a loan of the book to enable me to create any such thing. It would be great to see a picture of it light up.

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