GGHC Post number 2

Okay, here’s the latest update:

A few of us sat down to talk through some early details last night- nothing earthshaking, just starting the process.
– We came up with a preliminary list of organizations that may be interested in working with us on this project as educational entities.
– We’ve identified a need for a person or people who can be present to videotape meetings, construction, etc, as well as take photographs of what is happening, so we can post a reasonable amount of documentation on the Element 14 site. In the near future, too, we need to prepare an introductory video.
– We need ideas for specifics on the project.
– We established a Google group for the primary communication channel for this project. This serves several purposes: providing a single, canonical location and channel through which ALL discussion on the project takes place; keeping said content mildly protected until we can release a “pretty” version for public consumption; avoiding the possibility of important messages getting lost in the S/N ratio of the normal Google group or forum traffic; and streamlining message delivery into e-mail inboxes rather than requiring people to visit a special website to get updates.
– Meeting notices and build day announcements will be posted on the blog, and probably the forum and normal Google group as well.

Please sign up for the Google group if you are interested in helping with the project! I will post what information I have on that group tonight.

Tomorrow night from 8:00 to 8:45 there will be a call with the coordinators of the event (the good people of Silverfox to answer questions and get more details. We’ll get together at the Hack Factory for the usual jibber-jabber and then repair to the drawing room in the basement a bit before 8 for the call. Or, if there is enough of a critical mass, we’ll push the unbelievers out of the classroom and have the call in there.

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