A few questions for you…

Twin Cities Maker has been open for over a year now, and we’ve seen a boat load of fantastic growth.  We’ve more than doubled our monthly membership, and offer a wide variety of tools and equipment that have for the most part been driven by individual member’s interests.  When there were fifteen of us sitting around one big table it was easy to discuss that we wanted a drill press, or a welder, but with almost fifty members working in wood, metal, electronics, plastics, paint, tile, locks, sculpture, art, bows, CNC and a myriad of other fields, it’s now difficult for all of us to keep track of all of the varied interests in the community.

We defined ourselves as a  “Twin Cities based community to Make, Share, and Learn.”  A big part of community is knowing your neighbors, and friends.  To facilitate that the Board of Directors has created a few polls that should take about five to complete.  We hope this will tell us what you’ve been up to, and what sorts of things you’d like to see in the future.  These polls aren’t mandatory, or perfect, but it’s our hope that members will complete them and give us a healthy compost of ideas to nurture our next year’s growth.

We’ve got (3) polls, (2) for members, and (1) for non-members.    The polls will be open for a few weeks, and we will release statistical data after that, but not any personally identifiable information.  (e.g. We will show “x% of our members use $tool weekly”, but not “1 member from $town wants $tool”)

The Members Use and Access Poll and Members Info Update Form are for current members (or those who have lapsed, but intend to restart their membership in the near future).

The Non-Members Poll is for folks who are not current members of Twin Cities Maker.  This is mostly targeted at folks located in and around the greater  Twin Cities metropolitan area, but if you’re farther afield we’re still interested in your answers.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your interests.




5 thoughts on “A few questions for you…

  1. We have other goings on too! You can blame videoman for the scheduling of my posts, but we’ll get another Minne Maker Faire post up in a couple of days with even more details.

  2. There are a bunch of pictures in the flickr steam that would work well for your last two posts metis, feel free to use any of them, that is one of the ideas behind having the steam there.

  3. thanks moutnainfold, in theory anything in our stream is ok to use, but i prefer to ask folks first, and don’t like to edit posts as it re-pops the rss for folks. i’d thought i’d added in a photo on this one, but apparently not.

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