Minne-Faire II, April 9th!!!

Just so everyone knows, the Minne-Faire is fast approaching, April 9th, 2011 from Noon-11PM – Please tell your friends!  There are going to be 17+ exibtors, music, and maybe some fun outdoor activities!  (Water rockets anyone?)

MUSIC starts at 7PM:

  • JAZARI – Crazy and super awesome machine music!
  • Tim Kaiser – Really cool custom music instruments!

Check out THIS PAGE for more info.  We will be doing clean up and general shop pickup all this week, and will need people Friday afternoon to come in a help us move our tools out of the way… Members feel free to drop by and give us a hand!

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2 thoughts on “Minne-Faire II, April 9th!!!

  1. a few folks have asked what time friday…. personally I intend to show up early afternoon, i’d imagine we’ll be in full cleaning mode by 5 if not well before.

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