Got a nice Rack?, Willing to share?

As you may know the Hack Factory is expanding, and as such is in need of some storage racking, and key shop tools. The intention is to shop auctions for the best values on these items.

We hope to fund these items from donations as the organizations funds are committed to covering expansion related costs. So here’s where you come in. If you have any of the items Twin Cities Maker needs, and are willing to donate them that’s fantastic. please see the list of needs, at the details link, and fill in the form outlining what you have, and the logistics help needed to deliver or pickup the items.

If you are willing and able to donate funds to support purchasing these items please use the donation form in the details link

This expansion equipment drive is a targeted event to collect infrastructural equipment to support the expansion, it is not intended to equip the Hack Factory with a full set of tools but rather to pave the way for a variety of tools and activities. Think of this as the roads, gas and electrical infrastructure of a town, you need these first so that people can setup shop and get to work.

Adopt a tool details and donation page

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