Board Meeting – Date Change!

Board meetings for Twin Cities Maker are now held on the second Tuesday of each month. The time and place remain unchanged; 7pm  at the Hack Factory. The first meeting on this new schedule will be held on November 8th.

The board voted and moved on the date change at the October meeting. The board is dedicated to transparency which is partly why the meetings were originally held on the Wednesday night, which corresponds with the weekly open house at TC Maker.  While it provided a great intersection of many members at the space space and important things happening it became too much of a hassle for the board members to conduct a meeting and perform other duties.

By tying up the Boards time for up to two hours on the busiest night of the week, it prevented the board members from socialising with the members to solicit their opinions on how the organization is doing.  It also tied up Brandon and Karin (our two primary member intake folks – thanks!) from helping new members fill out their applications and getting their key fobs.

This isn’t to say that the board members are going to have a decreased presence on Wednesday nights, far from it.  They already remain quite active at the space on non-meeting Wednesdays currently.  This just means that the board can have a more dedicated time where they can focus on the meeting at hand and still have time to socialize with the members.  The meetings are still open to the public and participation from the membership is encouraged.

If you’re interested on the goings-on of the board I highly encourage you to show up to the next meeting, Nov. 8th at 7pm at the Hack Factory.

More information on the Board’s proceedings, including agendas and past meeting minutes, can be found on our wiki.

What: Board Meeting
When: Second Tuesday of each month, 7pm
Where: Hack Factory







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