Open Hack Night On Wednesday

Every Wednesday we have an open house @ The Hack Factory, it’s a time for members and new comers alike to socialize and get to know Twin Cities Maker. If you have never been to the Hack Factory before, Wednesday night is the best time to come. There are usually people working on various project, and definitely people willing to help out or give some insight into what you are trying to accomplish with your own projects. It’s a great time, check out some of the pictures to see a bit of what it is like.

The Hack Factory is located at:

3119 E. 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Twin Cities Maker a collective of people that together rent The Hack Factory, we all pay dues and luckily it’s just about enough to cover the expenses of our space, we are currently a bit light and are looking for a few new members to get us into the black, and into a place where we can start saving for the next tool, or event budgets. If you are interested in becoming a member it’s easy there are few different ways, and a few different types of memberships, check out the Membership page for more information. Also if this is something that you think is valuable in the community and would like to see it continue, and grow consider giving Twin Cities Maker a donation, we also take equipment donations depending on what you have and what we have.

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