Last bow making class of 2012 on Sunday Dec. 16th!

I’ve decided to sneak in one last bow making class before the world ends on the 21st of December.

This class happens this Sunday, December 16th, from 10 am to 6 pm, at the Hack Factory.

If you want to be ready for the end of the world, prepare for the zombie apocalypse, have the perfect accessory for your Hawkeye or Archer costume, or fancy yourself as the next Katniss Everdeen, this is your chance.

Below is a link to the class:

You can be like this guy: Archer at Lake Calhoun

All the details about the class:
Introduction to Bow Making

Learn to make a fully functional American flat bow!
Each Sunday class will be open to 6 students.
Each class will take place over the course of 8 hours.
Class fee is $90/person
Of the class fee, $60 is for the class, and $30 for materials and the tools. Both of which the student will keep at the end of the class. (the tools and materials, not the money.)

The class will cover:
A brief review of the types of traditional wood bows and focus on the American Flatbow, it’s origin and design (This is the type of bow that participants will be making)
An intro on the types of designs and modifications that can improve the look and performance of an American flatbow.
Types of wood used for wood bows, and their characteristics
The pros and cons of working with red oak wood.
Tools used for bowmaking, including hand tools and power tools
Each participant will be provided with all the materials and tools needed to make this bow.
Class materials will include exactly one red oak board per student, of dimensions 1.5″ by .75″ by 6′, selected by the teacher.
In this one day intro course I will teach basic design and construction of a red oak American flat bow, and help the students make a fully functional wood bow. Future classes with more advanced skills will be taught at a future date.

The class will include a brief description of what archery “tackle”, or gear, is needed to actually use a bow, including bow strings, arrows, forearm protection (vambraces), finger protection (archery tabs or shooting gloves), quivers, and bow cases.

Ideally each student will complete this class with a fully functional bow. However, due to the fact that the students will be making the bow, and that wood under tension can break, I can make no guarantee of success. If the bow does break while under construction, there will be options for scheduling additional time to complete a bow.The design used in this class should yield a bow of between 30 and 45 pounds draw weight, depending on the students preference.

The class length of 8 hours will cover all the information needed to construct a bow, but sometimes, more time is needed for a student to finish their bow. Each student has an open invitation to return to work on their bow, at no additional charge, based on the instructors availability. Students may return to work on their bow during any listed future class session, and additional time may be arranged with the instructor.

This class will cover making this bow both with and without the use of power tools. The use of power tools will be optional for each student, with the caveat that while it’s very easy to make a bow fast with power tools, it’s also very easy to wreck one fast.

Once the bow itself is completed, you will need at least a bow string and arrows to use it, at the barest minimum. Arrows can be purchased locally, and the class will cover the information you need to select the right arrows. Strings can be bought locally, but I will offer finished bowstrings as an option, separate from the class, at a cost of $10, made by the instructor.

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