Steel, Exquisite corpse of – Drawings needed!

IMG_3852Hello folks!  We are running the art project Steel, Exquisite corpse of, at Northern Spark this year on June 8th.  When we start out the night, we need one drawing that will help inspire us for the first segment of the art piece.  The first sculpture will have a theme of underground, above ground, and sky.

We want the first segment of the sculpture to be drawn by you!  Submit your photos by tweeting to @HackFactoryMN with the hashtags of #nspk38 and #underground.  First 20 people to tweet us before June 8th with photos of their drawings will receive two LED throwies on the night of the event.  Please help support this project by donating to our Indiegogo campaign or sharing this with your friends!

Cali, Aaron, and I did a small test run of Steel, Exquisite corpse of last night, and it turned out really cool!  IMG_3862

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