The laser is down. Please do not panic. [EVEN MORE UPDATED]

UPDATE 11/5/2014: Unfortunately the parts were delayed a bit, but I just got a shipping notification. Delivery is scheduled for Friday 11/7. We’ll get everything installed as soon as we can!

UPDATE 10/3system-down1/2014: Full Spectrum Laser has just received a shipment of flow sensors. They will be testing them this afternoon, then they will send out the parts either later today or (more likely) Monday. Shipping is via two-day air, so I’m expecting to get them sometime on Wednesday 11/5.The calendar will be updated to block out the time until then. Thanks for being patient, folks!

Original post:

Sadly, it is my duty to report that the laser cutter is down until further notice. The coolant flow sensor is leaking from its body. We will be contacting the manufacturer on Monday morning to get a new flow sensor (good thing we paid for the extended warranty). This post will be updated as soon as we have an ETA on the repair parts.

4 thoughts on “The laser is down. Please do not panic. [EVEN MORE UPDATED]

  1. Thanks for your work on this laser cabal.

    I checked the schedule on Friday and didn’t notice the laser was down until I came in.

    The “laser out of service” only appears on Monday of that week’s google calendar. The other days gets a blue line that just looks like it’s part of the calendar’s border or some such. perhaps in the future, the text might appear for everyday to avoid confusion.

  2. Maybe you missed a setting somewhere but I was able to make a reservation, see Friday morning. Not complaining, just so you know for the future.

    I was able to do some other work I had, so no biggie. Digging all the great work you folks do for us, so thanks!

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