The Visor Project – Smart Eyewear on Kickstarter


There is nowhere else like the Twin Cities Maker Space.  Your intelligence, innovation and humility impresses me more than any other setting that I have experienced.  And you really care, too.  I, finally, figured out where these people hang out!

I am really proud to be a member in this organization and I am proud to introduce my Smart Eyewear on Kickstarter!  Plastic fabricators were intimidated and if I didn’t have access to the tools here, I would still be waiting.

Your feedback is always appreciated!  And so is a $1 to my campaign!

Brandon- why can’t I insert a link?

2 thoughts on “The Visor Project – Smart Eyewear on Kickstarter

    1. Hi C,
      Thank you for checking out my video. I appreciate your interest and support. If you are around on open house nights, let’s meet!

      Many thanks,

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