New space presentation and discussion: Saturday 6/30 @ 3:00PM

As you may have heard by now, Twin Cities Maker is expanding! We’ve signed a lease for just over 3000 square feet of space opposite the wood shop’s south wall. The board and shop managers reviewed and discussed a number of possible floor plans, and have come up with one that we think solves a good number of the space problems that we are experiencing.

We invite you to come give feedback and comments on the proposed floor plan. We’ll be having a discussion/presentation of our space plan on Saturday, June 30 at 3:00PM. You can take a look at the proposed layout below (click to embiggen). The plan gives both the metal shop and wood shop more space, and moves member storage closer to the loading dock.

If you’ve got any questions, please come by on Saturday, or talk to any of the board members or area managers in person or via email.

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