Incorrect Printer Error

The 3D printers in the lab will now inform you when you have sliced a file with a printer profile meant for another printer. If this happens you will see an error message like this on the Ender3 and Prusa MK3s printers and your print will not start. You have to reset the machine to get it out of this state.
image of Ender3 screen showing error message
Ender-3 hitting the error


It is pretty easy to accidentally select the wrong printer profile and then start printing something only to get unexpected results because the settings are all wrong. In the best case you get a bad print and it is no big deal. In the worst case it can cause sever damage to the machine and break nozzles, beds, or other parts.


I made some modifications to the Marlin firmware to add a new gcode command to let me do this. If you are interested in checking it out you can look at my github page. I also have a pull request up to get this back into the main branch of Marlin so it may be there soon too.

What should you do if you see this message?

Simple. Just go back and re-slice your file making sure to select the correct printer. Reset the machine and start the print again and you should be all good.

Anything else?

There is one quirk of this on the PowerSpec Duplicator i3+. It behaves correctly but it does not display the error message. It just sits on the print screen and the pre-heat does not start. If you were happened to be connected to it via a computer you would see the errors in the console but that is not much help for nearly all lab prints. I am working on some modifications to get it displaying but it may take a bit. Just be aware that you should check if you print is actually preheating when you click on the file to start it. If there are zeros on the bottom set of numbers it is not preheating (that is the target temp).

This is what it looks like when you have hit the error:
PDi3+ hitting the error

This is what it looks like when all is good:
PDi3+ Starting normally

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