Intro to Electronics class

I’ll be offering an introductory electronics class on 17 April at the Hack Factory.

This will be a basic class, covering amps, volts, ohms, watts, and the relationship among them.  Also covered (briefly) will be batteries and switches, and then we’ll get into some exercises intended to demonstrate concepts and get you familiar with using a multimeter.

Please register at least four days in advance of the class with Eventbrite. I will need to know how many people plan to attend in advance so I can plan for how many parts kits to assemble.  The parts kit will contain all the bits and pieces needed for this class, as well as a breadboard and multimeter, some wire, and a wire stripper.  It will also include some parts useful for other projects and parts that may will be helpful in other upcoming classes I plan to teach.

3 thoughts on “Intro to Electronics class

  1. Are these going to become a regular offering? I’d really love to attend but I’ll be out of town for this one.

    1. Not exactly, we would love to offer them on a regular basis but sometimes life gets in the way. Mike Hord who is hosting this event has done one in the past and will most likely do one in the future. I would encourage you to watch the TC maker calendar or contact Mike directly about the future. He can be found on the forum as “uptownmaker”

      Hope that helps.

  2. To expand a bit, I intend for these to be semi-regular but as observed above, life happens. I have a six-month-old, which makes it difficult to plan ahead at times, but I’d really like to get in one class a month at least, preferably two. I’ll try and teach this one, the intro class, at least once every two or three months, and then add one or two more here and there covering other topics.

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