Wednesday Open Hack Night

Pictures from Last week’s Wednesday Open House Hack, that happens every week. Lots of stuff going on as usual.

For those of you thinking about coming down and checking out the hack factory you are more than welcome. A good way to go about it is to wander around and ask people what they are up to, we are a friendly bunch. It’s also recommended to bring a laptop along if you want to stay a bit longer, we got the wifi thing happening. People start showing up around 6~6:30 open house starts at 7:00pm, and people start filtering out around 9~11pm. Bring cool projects to show off if you are, indeed working on something or things!

This week we are also trying to do a showing of Make:Live. This is set to happens at 8:00pm

Update: Jwb can’t make it, so if someone is willing to set this up go for it.

Lots of shots of the happenings from February 2nd. There are some pictures of my (Paul) failed attempt at filling a tape cast full of foam to be entered into our Roundabout dog contest.

Also Videoman took a video of the shop showing what it looks like on a Wednesday @ the Hack Factory in the middle of winter in Minneapolis.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Hack Night

  1. Open Wednesdays start at 7pm. While a member may be there before then, they may not be as well. Paul or an admin, can you edit the start time please?

  2. I sure do miss being there for the Wednesday nights. Sometime in March I’ve got spring break, then I should be able to make an appearance.

    And if I ever do find some time to get in there on another night and do some stuff, hopefully I’ll run into some of you guys.

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