Arduino for the complete newbie

Arduino in hand
Image courtesy of the Arduino team

Twin Cities Maker is proud to offer an introductory class to the Arduino. This class will focus on breaking users into the Arduino gently by explaining the basics of the programming environment, terminology and concepts, use of online help, and modifying an existing program to suit your needs.

It assumes no prior programming experience; if you are a fairly confident programmer, you may wish to wait until the future sessions, or attend an upcoming electronics discussion night (third Fridays).

For more information, please see the Eventbrite page. Four of five tickets are already sold; if I get enough interest I will open another session as a single class on a Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Arduino for the complete newbie

  1. Wow, your classes sure fill up fast. Sounds a little blessing/curse(is). Hopefully enough people are interested (and you have enough time) to do that extra session.

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