5/11/11 Open Hack Roundup


Lots of great things going on at the Hack Factory this week. The big news, our sub lease is up at then end of the month and we need to raise some money and members got assume the whole lease. Great news on both fronts actually as we gained 2 new members, and have raised $700 of the $1000 dollars in the matching fund. Even more great, last night our President announced on twitter that he would contribute another $500 to the challenge fund if we met the $1000 goal by Friday.  The full download on the situation with our space The Hack Factory can be found in this post.

Some exciting stuff coming up for TC Maker. We will be at Make:Day at the Science Museum this will be our third showing there, lots of hard work going into making that successful.

A learn to solder class is going to be held on Sunday evening, there are 5 spots left so if you have any interest sign-up now. The proceeds are going directly to the space fund.

A new Handmade Music Minneapolis will be announced later today, some pretty exciting details to come on that so watch the blog for info.

One of our original members who was with us when we were meeting in coffee shops for a year also learned that he is going to be moving back.

The Great Global Hackerspace Challenge has voted and while we didn’t make it down to the semifinalists some of our members are still going to Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA. Adam from Wayne and Layne plans on showing off some of his gadgets at a booth.

As some of you saw on the forum we are loosing our dust collector as a member who loaned them is taking them back, thanks to bradito for letting us keep it for so long. As luck would have it last night another TCMaker stepped up and is going to loan his for 3 months, thanks Cam.

A final note to our followers at large, if you are thinking about becoming a member in any capacity, please do. We need the support. We have several members that contribute the $50 dollars a month solely because they like what we are doing, and don’t actually make it down to the space very often, if at all on any given month. This type of membership is very valuable to us as a group, if you think you are in a similar situation to this, please don’t hesitate.

The other day a potential member asked videoman, our president, what we do at the Hack Factory and he said “Yes”. If you want to be a part of that, join up or donate a few dollars from $1 to $20 to $20,000, it all helps. If you want to be part of a dynamic group of people working on lots of interesting things, that’s us.



3 thoughts on “5/11/11 Open Hack Roundup

  1. Paul, after every Wednesday night open house, I always keep checking until I see you’ve posted your pictures. Looking at these makes me feel like I’m seeing the space for the first time, or with new eyes.

    Thanks for doing this.


  2. I’d agree, excellent as always. I was going to contribute shots of the t-shirt making, but you’ve got them, I didn’t even see you taking them.


  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.

    @ pete you can add photos to the stream, they will not show up in the slideshow above. but I wold be more than happy to include them in the post or a new post.

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