Save the date for our Annual Member Meeting

The Board of Directors voted last night to call our annual meeting next month on June 8th at 7PM.  The meeting will be at the Hack Factory.  There are a few things on the agenda, and we intend to get a detailed heads up next week explaining the bits and pieces that will be covered, how we arrived at them, and what they mean for us.   All recent and current members should receive this general information.  We will also list as much as possible online.

Two important things to note other than the date.  First, in order to be considered a member in good standing, and be able to vote at the meeting, you will have to be current on payment of any past dues and have paid your June dues before 11:59PM on June 1st.  That means, we need to have the money in the door by then, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Second, please send back an email to us saying that you authorize us to inform you of the meeting and provide any other future official correspondence by email (rather than regular mail) – if that is okay – and confirm that we should use the same email address or a different address for these notifications.  Otherwise we’ll need to send you the official notice by regular mail.  Our plan is on June 2nd to send the Official Notice of Meeting to all members who are in good standing.

We are sending you this heads-up notice so everyone gets June 8 on their calendar right away.  Look for more information to follow – very shortly.  We appreciate your patience while we generate a more complete informational package and look forward to seeing you in June.

UPDATE:  Links to related documents–

May Meeting Minutes are the Minutes from the Board Meeting authorizing the Annual Meeting.

This note is a briefly explains some of the documents, and the process.

The Written Action is the formal written action of the Board, which includes the Amended and Restated Articles and By-Laws.

Here is the thread on the forums to ask questions about the Annual Meeting.

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  1. I should add that you can email info@ or twincitiesmaker@ this domain, the former is preferred for the electronic consent.

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