Project storage cleanup

Hey folks!  Q4 Clean up is this Saturday January 12th – 10am-3pm

We have moved our Q4 clean up from December to January as we know that many folks have stuff going on over the coming holiday season.  This time around we are going to focus on member storage.  What does that mean?  All items in member/project storage will be removed from the shelves (and the back bathroom/storage).  If you have a project that you don’t want us to move, talk with an area or shop manager.  We are flexible, but do need to get these cleaned out.  The goal is to have space available for active projects.  Any item that is not a work in progress or supporting a class function should be taken home.  We are trying this first, as we have a lot of stuff that has not been worked on in 6+ months to over a year gathering dust on our project storage shelves.  If this continues to be an issue, we will start charging for the use of project storage.  We also will be reviewing items bigger then a bread box/small appliance that are not part of an active project or is unavailable for communal use.  This review will happen after we  have completed the Q4 project storage clean up.

Going forward, we will request that all items in project storage are placed inside a 12-13 gallon “attached lid container” (Max of 24″ D x 16″ W x 12.5″ H).  We are going to standardize on this size, and build the project storage areas around this size of totes.  You can use your own bins, but we request you stay inside the dimensions listed as we want to stack and co-mingle storage on the shelves.  The above picture is an example of what we will be requesting members use for project storage.  At first start we will by providing 20-40 bins for members to store their active projects.  If it doesn’t fit inside a bin, you will need to keep an up-to-date parking permit on the item with clear project goals and time for completion.  All bins must be labeled, have contact info, and clear project goals.

Bins untouched for 90 days will be cleaned out and become the property of the Hack Factory.  However, if you need more time, update your bin and communicate that with the area or shop managers.  Also, parking permits do need to be signed off by staff.  Please remember, anything larger then a small appliance (mini-fridge size) needs to be cleared with the Shop Manager.

If you would like to purchase a few bins, below is an example list of places you can purchase them:

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