Noodling Night: Friday 2/23 @ 6pm

No, this isn’t about catfishing. To quote from the New Oxford American Dictionary (3rd Ed.):

noodle | ˈno͞odl | verb (informal[no object]) improvise or play casually on a musical instrument: tapes of him noodling on his guitar | (as noun noodling) : ambient synthesizer noodling.

Thus, Noodling Night, where we will bring in some instruments and noodle on them. Maybe we’ll learn a song or two. Maybe we’ll just sit around making various more or less musical noises. Either way, it should be fun!

You don’t need any particular skill level to join in — I’m scraping 25 years of rust off my so-so chops, so if you’re a beginner you’ll be in good company. And any instrument is welcome, including hands, feet, and voices.

So if this sounds like your kind of thing, well then dust off that autoharp, dig out the old Casio keyboard, and we’ll see you on Friday night!

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