Snow Emergency parking info

We’ve suddenly discovered snow, and that means Minneapolis has declared a Snow Emergency. So you should be aware of where you can park around the shop. Getting your car towed is definitely not fun (trust me on this!). Here’s the rules for the next couple of days:

The parking lots: Don’t use the parking lots until they’ve been plowed out!

Day 1: Tonight (Mon 1/22), starting at 9pm
You can park on either side of both streets, 26th St. and 32nd Ave. We’re not on a snow emergency route.

Day 2: Tuesday 1/23, 8am to 8pm
Park on the south side of 26th St. (our side of the street), or the east side of 32nd Ave (across from the building).

Day 3: Wednesday 1/24, 8am to 8pm
Park on the north side of 26th St. (across the street), or the west side of 32nd Ave (next to the building).

Here’s a map to help you visualize this, courtesy of the City of Minneapolis.

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